Sunday, January 31, 2016

Nose Filler - Shens Clinic

I first met Dr Shens at one of our Pageant's sponsor visitation. We were there to understand how we can "beautify" ourselves. Its was indeed a fruitful and informative session and back then, I was quite sure I will be back to see Dr Shens.

I have inherit my eyebags from my mum who also had her eye bag removed many years back.

After the pageant, I know that I have to meet with Dr Shens to solve this problem. And here I am;

Ok, I know, my eyebags needs some help, Ha

Before arriving, I have so many questions on the procedure and was quite nervous actually. Besides than my terrible eyebags, I have a few other "repairs" I needed.

The consultation.

When I entered, Dr Shens was all ready smiling at me. I could see the pictures he has got it ready on his computer.
We started off by having a quick chat on what I have in mind, things I could do and information on the different procedures. After speaking with Dr Shens, I felt so relieved and confident that he is able to help me!

And so, I have decided to undergo a 20 minutes procedure for a "Scarless Eyebag Removal" and "Scarless Double Eyelid creation" and yes, just 20 minutes.

In addition, to further define my looks, I will have a nose fillers! Yes, nose fillers!

If you're wondering what fillers for the nose are its basically a temporary nose job! Personally I am fear of surgery so this would be an alternative for ladies like me. Nose fillers typically lasts 12 months and you can get it done almost anywhere on your face like cheeks and chin.

Within minutes, its done.
The pain was really bearable, like a quick punch onto your nose but it is definitely worth it.

Just look. Nice. Instant define nose bridge

Ladies, you should be here too
Text me if you wan to look good to impress too

With Dr Shens - You should be awarded with a Mr Beautiful Smile too!

Dr Shens has moved! He is now located at;

Shens Clinic
3 Killiney Road, Winsland House 1, #09-08, Singapore 239519
Telephone(65) 69044488
Mobile(65) 96416744

Opening Hours 
Monday to Friday : 09:30AM - 06:30PM
Saturday : 09:30AM - 02:30PM

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