Tuesday, February 7, 2017

V-line Solution @ Cosmoskin Sdn Bhd

Stubborn fats is definitely a hate.

One whom you can’t get rid of, one who sticks to you like a glue and one who is too ugly to face. It’s almost everywhere. From flabby arms, to love handles, to tummy and inner thighs. Arghhh…. The only solution I would have thought is to park yourself at the gym or get medical assistance. But often, hesitated on this suggestion. After all, every surgery has its own risk, regardless on which part of the body.

After my second pregnancy, the fats on me seems to be even harder to burn especially on the arms! No matter how hard I exercise or go without food for 2 days, the size of it seems to be the same. The dilemma comes when choosing between a gorgeous tube dress or a simple dress with sleeves. CRY!

Been reading a lot on the cure and finally, found sometime interesting that might help.

It’s called the V-Line A Solution - A fat burning injection that removes fat cells and cellulite. You can practically inject into any parts of your body which has fats and there’s no risk at all.  

V-line A Solution contains Soy Isoflavone Ferment, Visnadine, Caemitine, BR Compound which acts in our fat cells and cellulite. It helps to remove fats and dissolve them. And of course, you need to get a certified doctor to do it, not by yourself.

Also, it doesnt means that after the injection you can eat till you bloat. Maintence is still required for best results.

The first person who comes to my mind was Fhelynn!! My gorgeous pageant mate who is a beauty guru and also owns a beauty salon in KL - Cosmoskin Sdn Bhd! So blessed and lucky to have someone whom u damn trust, one who is so gentle and most importantly, she is a certified beautician!

And so, picked up the phone and had a good chat with her on what's exactly this Vline is about and what I should expect. With her assurance, I know I am in good hands!

 So love her!

She is damn gorgeous isnt it? Awww... !!! Btw, this was taken sometime back when she was her for visit.

And so, we had a good chat this time and she patiently briefed me again on the procedures. After our hugs and catch ups, she sat me down and we were all ready to start. Seeing her putting on her mask and gloves makes me so nervous!

Here's what going into me

Ok, I do admit that I would usually freak out whenever I see needles but the process is totally painless and fast. It was done like less than 10 mins including my break for giggles and laughs  Some parts of me are sensitive, lolz

Some redness is expected after 24 hours on my first session. However there was none on my second and third try.

On my first session;

Recommended once a month until your preferred results. Had my second and third session done in 2 months. And so, here's the comparision after the 3rd session.

I have lost roughly about 2-3 inches on both of my arms! Oh My god, how amazing!

And if you notice, I am much much fairer now too! Not because of Meitu ok! I am still doing my whitening drips and done by Fhelynn too! YAY!

By the way, this is not a sponsored post!

Haha, up next will be the irritating Love handles and Tummy! Stay Tuned!

If you want to know more about the details and cost, PM me. Alternatively, if you are in KL, go visit Fhelynn at Cosmoskin Sdn Bhd!


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