Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Photoshoot @ Dolce2Dolce

Picture speaks a thousand words. From my look in the pictures, you know I am on cloud nine, ha

Being a model is one of dream WHEN I was much younger. Over the years, due to commitments, change of lifestyle and erm, change of body size, this is one of the next life's dream. But well, its never too late for anything!

Happy to be the model of the day for Dolce 2 Dolce's new launch of their wedding and evening gowns.

Came across D2D during my Mrs World pageant held last December 2015 as they were the sponsors for 2014. Ended up renting at an affordable price for a few of their evening gowns for my photoshoots, pre-judging and most importantly a friendship!

Was also dressed up by D2D for my Mrs Asia International pre-judging in June!

SERVICE was the best. Can you imagine meeting someone who tells you truthfully what suits you the best and what is not? Mei was one of the nicest, giving me advices and guidance. From listening to your likes and dislikes, she knows exactly what to get for you.

Glad for the friendship gained with the D2D team.

Had a really great time with Abby during the photo shoot. And I have just realised that both me and Abby shared the same zodiac and horoscope, OMG!

On site we have Toro - the photographer who makes us laughed so hard and Regina, the make-up artist. Together with me as the model of the day is Jeslyne, the girl next door! She is one of the 20 finalists for the upcoming Miss Singapore in August 2016.

The mother and Daughter shot with Abby. With the age difference, I have no choice but to admit
Lotsa of candid as we were laughing all the way

Check out this beautiful piece of victoria style white gown! Feels like a bride once again

With Jeslyn

Selfie with Toro

Was so worried about how my hair can be styled as I have recently chopped off almost 20cm of my hair but Regina managed to make me so gorgeous even with my short hair.

So beautifully bun-up isn't it? This is call skills

Next, a simple tube white gown that brings out the elegant and soft look

Oh next was my favourite! Both the hair style as well as the gown. Love mermaid gowns and the hair, so magically done.... So blessed

The last gown for the day, an exclusive evening gown for all occasion!

Had a really good time with the team, another memory to note.

More selfie with dear Jeslyn

Sums up the day
Cant wait for the official pictures to be out on facebook!


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