Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Fashion Show by Martini G / Rent A Gown

Life has been really blessed for me. Cant ask for anything more.

Being a model for a day is far more than I can think of after getting married. So I am glad to be part of this fantastic show by Martini G (Rent A Gown), Mondo Vantaggio and F6 Global.

All of us, the queen sisters are so excited and blessed to be able to wear these gorgeous gowns designed by Ada, Kenny and Sia from Rent A Gown. My national costume wore during Mrs Asia International 2016 was also designed by them and I am just one of the lucky girls. Both Kenny and Sia have designed and custom-made many queen's gowns and national costumes. Thank you for making sure we look our best in all our events!

The day started at 1030am with rehearsals, lunch, make-up, hairdos and dressing up! In between, we had so much fun welfie-ing, chatting and ha, shopping.

Mondo Vantaggio is located on Level 2, Annex Building of Furama Hotal and they are now having a 60% discount!

Check out their awesome and spacious shop! It was not easy for us to be immersed whole day with all this bags you know!

Inside the shop, there's even a café! Smart move, you can slowly do your shopping, think, discuss while having coffee!

Lunch! Favourite Chicken Rice and Coffee from the Café

The sequence of us, all over the wall to remind us of our gorgeous gowns and exquisite bags that we will be matching with.
We wanted to plot and sneak the bags out but reckon it will be a challenge with our gowns, Ha **Joking**

Very quickly, we were all done by 3pm, all looking dead gorgeous :)

With the Queens, from Left to Right;
Anne Goswani, Mrs Singapore Universe
The Only Miss, our very own TBV star; Miss Singapore Chinatown
Elizabeth Lim, Mrs Asia International 2016
Giselle, Mrs Singapore Planet
Wileen, Mrs Singapore World
Missing was; Lynette Tan, Mrs Singapore Universe and also, the emcee for the day!

My first in yellow. Never knew I can look pretty in this colour. Thanks for the good workmanship!

With Ada, the owner of Rent A Gown

Sia, the designer from Rent A Gown

The rest of the day was really just pictures and pictures

Here's us

The Finale, with our crowns!


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