Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Glowing skin with Privé Asethetics - Aqua Shine Facetherapy

As most of you know, I have been very conscious with my complexion lately especially passing the big 35 mark. Being disciplined, following the required daily routine at home helps quite a lot but…. to maintain and achieve a healthier glowing skin,  you still need the experts. And, it would be perfect to find a renowned medi-spa with extensive clinical services.
For the past years, I have tried a few laser treatments which indeed improve my skin better but the setback is the downtime, at least a minimum of 5 days for recovery which I can’t afford.

I needed to get help from a reliable, affordable, and convenient one stop-shop to get my facial done, a quick fix during lunchtime.
Chance upon Privé Aesthetics, located on the 3rd floor of Palais Renaissance, the heart of Orchard and the best is, away from the hustle and bustle streets. Convenient and conducive.

Consultation is always facing the hard truth but if you meet the right people, you will learn and understand more about your own skin. When it comes to perfecting your skincare routine, figuring out your skin type is not as easy and taking a walk in the park. The dedicated team at Privé was patient and full of smiles which makes me feel at home and pampered. They took time to patiently discuss and analyse what is needed for me. As I have a few upcoming events to attend, decided to try out their AquaShine Facetheraphy and also, the Silky BackPeel treatment
The cosy treatment room, A big and comfy bed for the next 60 mins

And here's the process;

A deep cleanse for my skin before the treatment

After cleansing, a patented Hydro Peel tip is used to remove the dead skin. This machine uses a vacuum system to exfoliate the skin and gently vacuums away the dead skin

Next up is extraction, a painful but needed process
The bonus - Eyebrow trimming – How good is that right? Cool, save the trouble for me to DIY

After the deep cleanse and house-keeping, up next its the AquaTouch which has two functions. It helps to exfoliates the tissue and vaccums away residuals. Active ingredients (the serum) is given to your skin during the process that helps to stimulate cell proliferation and tissue. This helps to improve our skin elasticity and reduce the signs of ageing

Lastly, my favourite way to treat my skin – a mask! because it can benefit my skin in many ways after the treatment and best is, they customise the mask accordingly to my skin type.

Here’s me, a comparasion right after the pampering session.

My skin is noticeably brighter and healthy. I was thrilled to see my skin glowing and seriously, all you need is a lip colour and you can get back to work.

Benefits of Aquashine Facetherapy
> Cell regneration
> Restores skin moisture
> Brightens up your dull complexion

A week later and its still glowing

While there are many similar treatments in the market now, what is most important to me is the service, location and also, the results.

For friends who faces the same problem as me, go give it a try. For friends who doesn’t have such problems should try it too. Don’t you want a glowing skin?

By the way, did I share that the Aqua Shine Facetherapy was awarded the best deep cleansing treatment by Her World Spa Awards 2017? The first trial is only at S$68.00!
Will share about the silky back peel treatment and results which I have done in a later post!

Oh did I mention? Privé is going to open a new outlet at Nex Shopping Centre, Level 2 in November!
For now, do visit them at;

Privé Asethetics

#03-02, Palais Renaissance
390 Orchard Road
Singapore 238871
Tel : +65 6737 0755


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