Friday, November 17, 2017

Bamboo Slimming Arm Treatment - Slim Fit

Have you heard of bamboo slimming massage? It's definitely new to me!

Most of the time when we talk about slimming treatments, it is commonly associated with using high tech machines but at Slimfit, they highly recommend the most natural way of slimming down just like their bust enhancement treatments which I will also share soon on my blog!

Bamboo Slimming Massage can be applied and targeted to your common areas like arms, tummy and thighs. Here's how the bamboo looks like;

And so, how does this works;
Using a massage technique, the therapist first will apply the slimming oil to massage the targeted area and uses the bamboo massage to effectively enhance your lymphatic drainage and breakdown the fatty deposit. It will also helps to firm your skin and reduces the appearance of cellulite.

I have to prepare you, for the first session it will not be the most comfortable process as kneading and massage with the bamboo can be uncomfortable. However after you get used to it, you probably will fall asleep like a baby. Its like a good massage after a long day!

Just look at me :)

And what makes it better? In the treatment room, they have a selection of movies for you to watch or you can opt to just lay back and enjoy the music.  

As I have always emphasis, service is one of the best way to keep your customers. At SlimFit the team makes me feels so pampered, making sure I was feeling good throughout the treatment and never fail to provide my favourite MILO!

Each arm treatment takes about 20 mins or longer depending on individual. For me, my right arm is bigger hence more time is spent as compared to my left.  After each session, they will wrap up the treatment area with a wrap for about 20 minutes to keep them in shape. The whole process takes about an hour.
While I have many opportunities to take a shorter route by going through plastic surgery, it was however not my first choice. Well, it was mainly due to the pain you have to endure after the surgery, the downturn and of course, the uncertainties. I have friends who went through and was happy with the results but on the other hand, I do have friends who had suffered so much and yet the results was not what they wanted. Going the most conventional way is definitely the safest. The only difference is that the results are not immediate thou
Personally, I would prefer to go through the process of seeing the changes by stages because it helps to motivate me and at the same time, a resting time in between my busy schedule.

Here's the comparison after 5 sessions of Bamboo Slimming Arm treatment targeted on my arms and also, 1 session of Bio-Magnectic Sexy Back Treatment targeted to the my back;

The verdict - The burge on both the outer side of my arms are significally slimmer and I have loss a total of 0.5 inches!  Both my arms looks tone as well!

As for the 1 session of Bio-magnectic treatment that I did, it helps to push the fat deposits accumulate from the back to the front which you can see the results from the picture!

#Did you know - Besides slimming and bust treatments, SlimFit offers facial treatments, waxing, pedi and medicure services! A one stop shop for busy women like me!

Just for November and December 2017, Quote "Dianaong" to enjoy 1 complimentary session of bamboo arm treatment!!!

Slimfit is now located at;

61 Stamford Road
Stamford Court #01-09
Tel : +65 6235 6897


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