Friday, November 24, 2017

Bust Enhancement Program - SlimFit Bust Expert

Ever since having my 2nd child and now she is 4, I have been experiencing a lost of volume in my bust, as in, it feels and looks empty. Another reason was of course, I was exercising aggressively for the past months hence the lost of fats. And what worries me most is, my breasts looks like they are slagging!!!! OMG right?

I believe this is one of the worst nightmares for mommies or maybe all women. We nitpick on almost everything on us and hopefully, we don't have to go under the knife to solve it

Here's what I am experiencing;
Did I hit the jackpot? Does the above illustrator looks familiar?

Few months back, I was given the option to enhance my bust size by going under the knife but as much as possible, it was never my first choice. I am not against this option but after all, I am not going for big boobs, I just wanted to regain the full B cup I used to have.

Common Bust Problems

I am sure some of you experience the same thing too. It 's really ok to share and speak to someone about it. After all, its our own health and we got to face them everyday!

Slimfit was the pioneer for bust enhancement therapy and believes in helping woman to achieve beauty naturally, gaining back our confidence. All their treatments derives from natural sources as well as the power of massages, techniques often highlighted in traditional medicine that improves physical well-being. Hence you don't have to worry about side effects that may emerge from surgeries.

Tucked at the junction of Stamford Road, it offers privacy and exclusivity providing you a comfortable environment and ease during your treatment.

Not sure if you know, Slimfit not only provides bust enhancement programs, they offers weight-loss programs, body massages, nail services and waxing too! A one-stop shop for busy women like me!

And so, I started my journey with SlimFit in early November and will be completing a 10 sessions of bust enhancement treatment.

Check out their treatment room! Super love the Peranakan design and it really set the mood with the lighting and aroma. There's even a selection of movies you can select from during the treatment!

The Process

First, the therapist will scrub and cleanse your breasts to prepare for better absorption of the massage oil later. Mad love when she places a warm towel on my chest, super relaxing! After which, a firm massage is applied before the real thing starts!

Sorry people, to protect my modesty I can't show you exactly how its done 😊

With the skillful and nimble fingers of the therapist, she uses an unique massage technique that stimulates the increase of breast tissues and mammary glands within our breast

Well, the massaging and rubbing motion of your breast is not comfortable so be prepared but just keep telling yourself, its for the results! I am sure, after few sessions, you get used to it. Every individual tolerance level is different,  it might be painful for me but some may find it an enjoyment.

Next, a firming mask for the next 15 minutes

While on mask, the therapist will massage the tummy to help balance the hormones and also, for a better absorption of the oil applied.The whole treatment will takes about an hour

After every session, my bust feels so much fuller, perkier and sexier, lolz...Here's me, enjoying my tea and snacks at their comfy corner

Ok, I am pretty excited to share with you the results after my
6th session of the Bust Enhancement Program!

❤❤ DaDa ❤❤

In comparision, it's much fuller, rounder and in shape!!
This is the home kit for me to massage at home every night to keep the buns in shape

I will update soon on the progress of my bust after the whole program.

And guess what? You can now experience it yourself!

For November and December 2017,
Quote "Dianaong" and enjoy one complimentary session of bust enhancement treatment at SlimFit!


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