Monday, December 11, 2017

Bust Enhancement Program II - SlimFit Bust Expert

Sharing with you on the final results of my Bust Enhancement Treatment at SlimFit!

Here's the comparision after 10 sessions of the treatment

Pictures are taken after every treatment as a record and I am sharing with you the 1st and 10th as a comparision. As you can see from the pictures, my boobs are so much fuller, perkier and yes, balanced, YAY
The verdict ---- Definitely filling my bra cups better and achieving a deeper cleavage
Based on the measurements below, you can see clearly that my bust size has increased from 30.4 to now 31.5 and it has been RAISED, lolz, which means, its much perkier lah
From the sides, its thicker and fuller too. Here's what I meant;
Right Breast Comparision - From 3.5 - 3.4 - 2.5 to now 4.5 - 3.7 - 3.2
Left Breast Comparision - From 3.4 - 3.3 - 3 to now 4.6 - 4 - 3.3
1st session

10th session

And so, go for it girls!

Thankful to SlimFit who made this Impossible to Possible and helping me to gain back my confidence!

Bust ehancment is not only about increasing the cup size but it also helps to provide a fuller and perkier bust which you thought you have lost it

Well, like it or not, boobs are your most prized possession, they can help you to feed your children, find a partner and lols, get special treatments from guys so there's no reason why we dont take care of them
One of the things that I appreciate most is the service by the team at Slimfit! Thank you for making the process a breeze and also, making sure I am comfortable all the time

Here's Kelly, the angel @ Slimfit. Not forgetting Wendy and her team!

Although I have achieved what I have wanted but definitely it takes effort to maintain it
Here are some tips to share;
Wear a proper bra with full support; its helps to keep them in shape
Wear a sports bra when excercising; its helps to prevent them from sagging
Try not to leave them naked too often when sleeping
During shower, give them a good massage
But of course, wear the the RIGHT bra; afterall we are talking about keeping them in there for more than 12 hours a day

Girls, you can now enjoy the treatment at no cost.
For December 2017, Quote "Dianaong" for a complimentary bust enhancement treatment at their outlet located at
Stamfort Court Tel : 6235 6897


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