Monday, January 8, 2018

China Trip 2017

The last and first family trip for 2017!

Before leaving for China, I was so panoroid about bringing the kids as scary stories of missing kids was shared and looking at the weather forecast, stress level was up packing for the kids. That's life of a mum, worrying about anything and everything. Nevertheless, I am glad my mum is coming along which makes my tasks definitely easier, 100% sure! And of course, gratefully to have BIL and SIL on this trip where all accommodation and travelling plans is well taken care off, YAY!

Based on the itinerary, we will be going to 6 cities in China. That's alot in 6 days right? But..... we did managed to cover as planned. Before departing, weather check range was between 16-18 degrees which I thought it was acceptable but I was wrong! On the last few days of the trip, we were pratically battling with the cold, lolz

As the date draws nearer, everyone was pretty excited for our very first family trip espcially Denicia who will be taking her first flight! For Ryann, its his 2nd.

Didn't really get much rest the night before the flight as I was making sure the checklist is completed. Alarm was set at 4am to make sure we get ourselves report at 6am with the rest.
As usual, our luggages are full and struggled quite a bit at the check-in but with BIL, nothing is a challenge. If you know him, you know what I mean

First flight for Denicia was smooth and she was all good patiently waiting for the take off. We were lucky to get a window seat for her and of course, she was excited and amazed by everything on flight.

Brought along colouring books and tons of sweets just to keep her occupied. As for Ryann, it was a breeze, music and food is good enough.

Here's our itinerary - SIN-HK-Shenzhen-Jieyang-Xiamen-Guangzhou-SIN
Sounds impossible? But we made it!

Hongkong was more like a touch and go as we headed straight to Shenzhen by train.

Foot in Hong Kong Airport;

Weather in Shenzhen wasn't too bad. We checked straight into hotel and headed straight for a meal and shopping!!!

At one of my favourite shopping paradise in Shenzhen! But due to winter, I went home empty handed as there was really nothing suitable for our weather

Foot in Shenzhen;

With dearest SIL

And us!

Stayed for a night and left for Jieyang the next day. The whole purpose of this trip was to visit their relatives and also to attend their cousin's wedding. We left Shenzhen via train to Shantou, Jieyang

Throughout the trip, we travelled via train with the help of our dear BIL, by far, the most resourceful person I have ever met! He had friends in all the cities we visited and blessed to be chaffuered around making the trip lesser stress. can you imaine the luggages from city to city? Here's an example;

Being part of the wedding celebraion was definitely an experience! I have always thought wedding was a BIG thing in China but it turned out to be rather simple. The groom will fetch the bride the night before to stay in hence there was no gate crash the next day. The couple will hold a simple ceremony that morning and settled for a meal at home. All the guests and relatives will proceed to the hall to have lunch. Accordingly to them, the bride is not allowed to leave the house for a month except to visit her parents! Like serious?

It was a pity that we didnt get to take a proper picture with the couple as there were so many relatives and friends around. We almost couldnt hear ourselves talking!

Here's the couple!

The lunch preparation

There was so much food and I really cannot even remember how many course it was. But for sure, they all love to host guests and when I mean host, its alot alot of food

Uncle Lim with his whole plate of prawns

While waiting

At one of the alleys of their hometown

More hosting from BIL friends. We travelled about an hour or more to have this tim sum and continued with a 10 course dinner, lolz

This was our first night at Jieyang. BIL took this picture because we were all amazed by this big pot of rice!!!!

The travelling continues! Our one day Tour in Xiamen!
It was chilling, seriously but we had so much fun sightseeing, shopping and eating!

Foot in Xiamen;

our tourist tour at Tan Kah Kee Musem;

Last Stop - Guangzhou!

With the tight schedule and super cold weather, it was really just a window shopping.

Foot in Guangzhou;

By the end of the day, we were all exhausted totally. Didn't had a good rest at the hotel as there was something wrong eith the heater and I felt I was in north-pole. Didn't move much except hiding under the blanket.

Before heading off to the airport, it fell to about 8 degrees cold. You practially stand and freeze. So glad that we are heading home.

Overall, the trip was great. Hardly you can get to travel with a big group especially with family!
Definately an experience and memorable trip!


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