Monday, February 26, 2018

Laserwhite Facial & Elite Eyes Treatment by Prive Aesthetics

Can't rave enough about the facial treatments at Prive Aesthetics!

This time, I am sharing with you on my review on their Laserwhite Face Therapy and Elite Eyes treatment! A saviour if you want to look your best at events!

In fact, the name of both treatment tells you all, LaserWHITE and ELITE Eyes

The Laserwhite Face Therapy helps to brighten up your skin, giving it a healthy glow and Elite Eyes Treatment Eyes, of course means the BEST! And it is one of best eye treatment I have ever done.

Laserwhite Face Therapy is a 5 steps advanced treatment designed to correct yellowish, dull and uneven skin tone and this treatment features Alpha-Litamin, an antioxidant 100 times stronger than Vitamin C and also other lightening activites that spell clearer and brighter skin

First up, the Maxi Fruit Peel which helps to brighten the skin and peel away existing pigment spots followed by extraction

The Alpha-Litamin, Soothing NeroEssence and face massage

Lastly, which is my favourite of all, the MASK! A total of 2 layers; the Lumi Enzyme mask which penetrates into your skin to lighten and balance the skin tone followed by the White Cream Mousse Mask which is a rich formula providing nourishment, hydration and lightening agents leaving your skin completely revitalized!

Seeing in believing. Check out the comparison

After the facial, applying makeup is a breeze. The foundation lies nicely onto your skin and mad love the glow!

Now, to the Elite Eyes Treatment. Totally heavenly and I am dead serious. It uses a high frequency light which gives a warm and comfortable massage. The motion of circling around your eyes is so comfortable, you totally leave whatever stress you have away. Just imagine, after a long and tired day... I am so blessed

After the treatment, I felt so fresh as though I have slept a full 10 hours.

Here's the baby

Here's me, the next day - an early morning 4 hours road trip to KL to attend an event

Was in KL the entire day and my skin is still looking Fab

Girls, you can now enjoy the first trial at just S$180 per treatment, usual price at S$300 and did I mention? Prive is now at Nex Mall too!

Visit them at either Palais Renaissance Orchard Level 3 or Nex Mall Level 2

Thank you Prive for the pamper!


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