Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Brows on Point - Alegria Aesthetics

Eyebrows embroidery has been making waves these days and do you know why?
It's because its super time-saving for working mums like me and don't you just love waking up to perfect brows?

Brows frame a person's face and I am dead serious. Here are some examples;

With the right brows, you look tidy and well groomed even with minimum makeup

The last brow embroidery I did was about 4 years back where there isn't much variation unlike now where you can chose from 3D to 6D and also, powder form. To be frank, I am not sure what's the difference between all these Ds, for me, I just wanted a simple, affordable and natural looking brows.

Recently during my trip to Shen's Clinic to get my face done which I will share what I had did soon, I was introduced to check out the brows done at Alegria Asethetics who is just located next door. And so, hopped over right after my appointment with Dr Shen

And haha, found a gem

Alegria Asetheics is not only a aesthetics clinic but also a one-stop shop! They have a full list of services from facials, IPL, eyebrows/lip embroidery and body services! I was so excited just looking at their menu!

ok back to brows. So, they sat me down and we had a chat on brows and also to understand what I needed. They showed me the ratio of a perfect eyebrow should have which brings balance and proportion to your face. Everyone has different features hence drawing it out on your brows before the procedure is required. It also helps me to know what will I be expecting or if I am comfortable with her recommendation.

Here's my faded brows that I did 4 years back

The procedure

Numbing process

How not to love them? The therapist, Veron even prepared Milo and biscuits while waiting

The tools - Every set are brand new

The process

I was quite nervous throughout the process but because Veron is so fast, it makes the process a breeze. Knowing that I was nervous, she keeps our conversation on to divert my attention.
Thumbs up for her service.

After an hour, its done! Here's the look

Pain level
Of course, it wasn't a comfortable process but it was painless lah. For me, it's the thought of the blade going thru my skin that makes me uncomfortable.

The next few days, I live with a harsher brow until it started to peel off, leaving a lighter and natural colour about a week later

The After-care is easy and fuss-free. Just take note of the below for the first 3 days;

Avoid splashing water directly to your brows while washing your face
Avoid masking the first 3 days
To apply the cream given twice a day for about a week

Here's the look after a month!

Went for a touch-up after a month and this is the final look!

I definitely looked fresh, well-groomed and clean. Gone were the days of eyebrow pencils and spending at least 15 mintues trying to make the perfect brow arch every morning!

Here's Veron

For appointments and charges, call their friendly consultants at : 65 6908 5548

Alegria Asetheics
3 Killiney Road
#09-09 Winsland House 1
Singapore 239519


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