Friday, June 8, 2018

Oompf Fitness - Get Fit, Live well

Since the end of last year till present, my work has been really hectic, occupied with back to back events, projects and kids. Although I have been jogging regularly like once a week just to keep fit but I came to realise that at my age, its all about health. Without a healthy and fit body, it is almost impossible to juggle between work and kids at the same time

Hence I have decided to take an extra effort to give my body a transformation which means, committing myself to go a gym that offers a variety of classes and provides personal training. This way, it will give me a proper and balance workout!

The first challenge for me is always the travelling time so I know that I have to look for a place that's near to my home. The second challenge is, the gym needs to offer a variety of classes because I tends to get bore attending the same class

By chance during one of my night jog from my home to Parkway, I came across Oompf! fitness located next to i12 Katong. To be exact, its at 130 East Coast Road. Took a peep in and love what I saw, went home and googled for more information. To my surprise, Oompf! fitness is a personalised bespoke fitness studio that provides not only Personal Training but a variety of group trainings like Yoga, Pilates and circuit workouts

Decided to join one of their trial group classes; C.A.R.B.S and also to have a feel of the environment, facilites and classes before I fully commit myself to it. And of course, good things must share so brought along my bff, pageant sister cum workout buddy, Adeline

C.A.R.B.S is just of one of their high indensity group classes. You can check out their classes and schedule here. Each session requires you to move around from one station to another station, repeating it for about 45 minutes. As we were totally working our arse out, only managed to take a picture of this rope station. Its seems easy but its super tough!

After a good and effective 45 minutes workout, we decided to check the place out

Here's the insight;

Level 1 - where the gym is

Level 2 - The reception, and shower facilities

Level 2 / Mezzaine Floor - Yoga & Pilates room

Level 3 - Resting Lounge

Super in love with this place especially the shower room because.....The mirror is perfect for selfies ❤❤❤❤

So this is how I started my 2 months training journey with Oompf! fitness

Here's my PT, Nasri. Super awesome, friendly and dedicated guy. He is super attentive and always making sure I am doing the right way, right pose so that I wont hurt my back. Importantly, he gets me motivated during the workout session whenever I was on the brink of giving up! Nasri even went the extra mile to give me advise on what to eat, what not to eat and take pictures for me too!

Here's my report card after 2 months of training and classes at oompf! fitness

Here's what I did each week for the past 2 months;

- 1 hour of Personal Training
- 1 session of Flow Yoga
- 45 mins of jog

As for my diet, I am still eating normal, 3 meals a day but I am more cautious and selective
Eg. cutting down on fried stuff, food in high sugar contents and also drink lots of more water

To sum up, I have been to a few gym centres and Oompf is one of the best fitness centre in the east! You can even download Oompf App on your mobile and conveniently book your classes anytime, anywhere

Do check them out and call them for a free trial 6440 6188

Oompf! Fitness
130 East Coast Road
Ig : @oompf_fitness


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