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Banobagi Clinic - BA Part 1/2

Sharing with you my Breast Augmentation Surgery Journey done at Banobagi Clinic, Gangnam!

Lets start with why and how!

On the big WHY on my decision to go for the Breast Augmentation Surgery was rather simple. Motherhood woes! No detail required, part & parcel of being a mother! That’s why mothers should always be respected, the amount of sacrifices we have made!

Experienced great lost of volume in my breast after child birth and from B-C-D and back to B, resulting having saggy and uneven breast size. Had always wanted to restore “them” to gain back the confidence every woman should have, looking good with or without clothes.

Here’s what I am talking about

Benefits of BA  - in my view
-       - Going bra-less (Excellent for the weather in Singapore)
-       - Losing weight without sinking "them"
-       - Looking good in every single piece of top- even just in towel

Deciding on WHERE was next. Being in the pageant industry, I have many to ask from and reviews to hear from.  Needless to say, Korea was definitely one option because I get to shop at the same time and going away for a break without the kids next option will be done locally which the only benefit is the support you can get during recovery, What’s important is ensuring the clinic’s reputation and good reviews. Was introduced to Banobagi thru one of my pageant mate who then linked me up. It was indeed a stress-free and easy process because they have a dedicated English speaking consutlant who is able to assist on whatsapp. The clinic is able to arrange for transportation from the aiport and accommodation! Everything is totally take care of!

If you are planning for one too, you have to stay for a minimum of 7 to 10 days and best to be in winter season. Firstly, you need to have ample rest at least for the first 3 days and a review and check. Secondly, recovering in winter is definiately better to manage. With the cold weather, the wounds are kept dry as you wont sweat and with the amount of clothes you are wearing, you feel safe and kept.

Prior to my flight, the team at Banobagi even communicated via WhatsApp to make sure all is well! Thumbs up for that! Upon my arrival, at the airport, I was welcomed by the driver and headed straight to the hostel which is conveniently located next to the clinic, literally like 1 min walk.

The Banobagi Hostel

This is where the patients stays and recuperate. It has full facilties like common bathroom, toilets and a pantry area which later on became my daily visit for coffee and food!

Each room is able to accommodate a maximum of 2 persons as additional bed is provided. Hudimifer for the dry weather as its freezing cold here in January.

After settling down, I went straight to the clinic for my consultation. And wow!!! Totally impressed by how big the clinic was and it was super crowded just like our GP in Singapore! The clinic was huge and the team welcomed you with warm hospitality.

(The pictures below were taken during one of the weekends opened for reviews because it is too sensitive to show pictures of the patients directly and p/s
- I was there for 10 days)

Level 1 was the main reception and registration, a total of 6 floors which includes surgery, consultation and operating rooms.

Very quickly, registration was done and I was ushered up to level 3 where the team prepared for my consultation. Again, an english speaking nurse was assigned to me because…. Totally, I don’t understand a single word of Korean. And this actually made me felt comfort and assured. I was quite nervous actually, feeling lost being in a foreign country. Grateful for the arrangements. Thank you!

Next, they took pictures of my before, the concerns area and blood test before meeting Dr Han who is one of the senior doctor. Banobagi has a total of 20 doctors and each, specialised in their own field. At the waiting area, there were many girls just like me, waiting for a new change. Testimonials and reviews was also shown on the screen. Impressive and thankful to plastic surgery. Many, got a new life and some, able to retain their youth. I am not encouraging on this but if, corrections can be done to let one be happy and be positive in life, why not? You need to have the correct reasons for going under the knife. Nevertheless, its's very individual. Never a right or wrong. Its always a need and want.

After about 15 mins, finally met Dr Han! And…..he speaks fluent English! Sorry to keep repeating this but it really makes me feel so assured being in a foreign country. Dr Han sat me down and studied the pictures of my breast taken earlier. Very quickly he is able to know what my problems was. Afterall, I think he has seen the worst. What best is, he took time and patiently listen to my concerns and then gave me a few recommendation of size that I could consider. The types of implant available, what I should expect, what I should look out for, the before and after care etc. Dr Han also explained in details the whole process of the surgery and how the implants will be inserted. Upon confirming my wish and wants, he gave me an assurance with a big SMILE and off I went. The whole consultation took about less than an hour. 

Here's him - Dr Kyunam, Han

So with his recommendation, Motiva was the choice. Let me share with you more on this particular implant. Motiva implants is one of the best implants with a natural texture even when lying down as it feels like Real Breast. It shapes like teardrop while standing and rounded while lying down. Read more via this link

Let's start with the chart;
This would summarise what's available, the sizes, the shapes and most importantly the cc you need. Initially, my eyes rolled when this was presented to me but allow me to explain.

The first column indicating the Base (cm) would be your own measurements and from your measurements, you can decide which size or shape suits the best for you. 

After the consultation and to ensure that I am comfortable with the recommended size, the nurses brought me to a room to try on the size. Like wow - super impressive and I mean it!

This additional step is to ensure that whichever size you have choose and not being too ambitious (lols) you are able to carry it with you (the weight for example) for the next 10 years and be comfortable with it. You will be wearing this super tight-fitting top and the exact silicon size you have chose will be fitted in. And so, after trying out the size, I walked around and bounc-ed a few times (lols) to make sure I was comfortable

Happy with what I have chosen, surgery was then fixed the following day at 11am. To prepare for the surgery under GA, I need to fast 8 hours without food or drink. Overall experience was awesome and I know I am in good hands.

Thank you Angels

Isn't she gorgeous? 

Another babe, who took care of me for the entire journey! Super grateful - Max LOVE

 Check out my next post on the surgery and my recovery!


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