Thursday, March 21, 2019

Banobagi Clinic - BA Part 2/2

The day has come! Was pretty nervous actually because I have never been thru GA all my life. The thoughts of me slipping into coma soon is rather scary. The walk from the hostel seems forever, haha 

Nevertheless, braced myself to walk thru the door and again was welcomed by the team at the clinic. After a few checks at the registration, I was usher straight up for preparation of the surgery

Kudos to the team at Banobagi who had made the whole process totally stress-free and making sure all the time I am feeling comfortable. After changing into the robe, IT'S TIME – on the theatre bed. 

To be frank, that moment for me was really scary and on the other hand, excited. By the count of 5, I was gone.

The surgery took about 3-4 hours which includes the moment I stepped into the clinic and regaining my conscious. Amazingly fast

While struggling to remember where I was, the angels at the clinic ensured I was well and make sure I am fully conscious. Here's me after the surgery;

With the painkiller drip, there was zero pain except feeling heavy and giddy. After about an hour or so, I was given water and light food. It's was then about 4 plus and will be spending the night for Dr Han’s review next morning. 

Being my usual self, I try to move around, texting to announce that I am alive (lols) and slept on and off. During sometime midnight, it was rather uncomfortable. Unable to explain why but went back to sleep thou.

Dr Han came by at about 9am next morning and shared that all was well and I can discharge. Review will be later part of the week. I was given 2 weeks of painkillers and antibiotic

And off I went, back to the hostel for nursing and recovering. The super cold weather in fact helps quite a lot for my recovering because you hardly sweat. For the first 3 days, I have to keep the bandage on and avoid contact with water. And so, I had to use wet towel to clean myself and get my hair wash done at the salon. I did tried to take a peek at "them" but it was all wrapped up. I could feel the swell and tightness of them. Can't wait to meet them on Day 4!

On Day 2 and 3, the only challenge faced was getting off on bed. You need to get help in order not to exert any force. In terms of pain level, I would scale it 4/10. The only pain I experienced was the tightness and occasional sharp pain. As the wound is still raw and bandage was still on, I had to minimise any big movements and keep it dry to avoid infection

I took short walks around the hostel, had my dinner nearby and even went for a 3 hours shopping trip to Myeongdong. Throughout the day, I was able to do the usual chores except being extra careful not to carry heavy bags and stretching out for things

On Day 4, I was able to deal with it better and got the trick of getting up the bed by tilting from the sides. First thing up was definitely ---- removing the bandages! Super duper excited!!!

Oh my god, the feeling was awesome. Finally, they are back in shape, perky and full. The feel of confident and excitement I felt was unexplainable. Best decision I have made. Grateful and blessed.

Here's how the wounds looked like before I clean it up (hence there's still blue ink marks), about 4cm opening on each side and spacing of 1 finger in between the boobs. It was pretty neat and.... no sitches at all. PERFECT!

Super thrilled and totally happy to accept the additional weight on me. Can't really describe the feeling but spent the rest of the days admiring them. 

Day 6 was my review with Dr Han. Can't be thankful enough to Dr Han and the team at Banobagi for giving me the perfect boobs and hospitality. Dr Han was satisfied with the results and advised that the surgery went on well. The boob shape and volume was perfect on me which I totally agree! I had a full C to D cup. After all the excitement and last check, he patiently sat down and gave me advice on the aftercare and what to do till I come back for a review abt 4-6 months later. 

After the review with Dr Han, I underwent a 1 hour anti-swelling light treatment which helps to reduce the swelling.

Here's what the angels gave me for my aftercare; 

- An ointment for the wound used for the first 3 weeks and;
- This amazing Silicon Gel Sheet which can help to fade, flatten and soften the scars. It is reusable and Self-Adhesive. Can be used on any parts of your skin

In summary, breast augmentation wasn’t that scary as I thought it would be. Importantly is, you need an experienced Doctor and trusted clinic that is able to cater to your needs. For me, it was a breeze and I am grateful. 

Thru this 4 weeks, the pain was bearable even thou there is no painkiller. Sharp pain will be experienced occasionally however that’s normal. Below are a few comparison just to share based on my own experience against some of my friends who did in out of Korea. 

1) No kind of support or support bra is needed for a month VS some, 
you need to wear tight support bra at night for 3 months

2) No removal of stitches is required

3) No massage is required VS some 
would require constant massage to let the Silicon settle in

4) Last a life time VS
some needs to be replaced after 10 years

But of course, there are many different types of implants and brands. Mine was Motiva, one of the top grade among the implants. You may read more about this implant on my previous blog

Recovery Journey in Singapore

Was back in Singapore during my 3rd week of my surgery. Was feeling pretty alright and I was still on medication and painkiller hence the pain was bearable. The only challenge I faced was not able to sleep on my sides and getting up and off the bed. During the day, I try to go slow with my movements e.g. opening of doors, be wary of what's ahead of me, driving and avoid carrying heavy stuffs. Occasionally, I could feel sudden sharp pain on the wounds and my boobs felt sore. Daily washing up was as per normal and I could raise my hands to wash my hair. Keeping the wounds dry is essential to prevent any infection.

Here's how the wounds look like after 4 weeks!

And...... the comparison Before & After!!!! Without Bra

Post Surgery 30 Days

Into the 4th week was much much better with minimum pain and almost back to my daily routines. I could feel the boobs softer and bouncy. As shared by Dr Han, wearing bra is not required at all including massages. This particular implant - Motiva Co-gel texture blends in with your skin and hence if you massage, it will increase the risk of forming a thick capsule around the implant which might cause less satisfying tactility. So minimum care if needed. Basically, I just have to take care of the wound, keeping them dry and clean.

The After-care;

- No drinking of alcohol for the first month
- No smoking for the first month
- Go bra-less for 3 monhts to 6 months
- No massage is needed
- Light exercise after a month and normal routine after 3 months
- Keep the wounds dry and clean
- Avoid carrying heavy stuff

Thank you to Dr Han and the awesome Team at Banobagi Plastic Surgery, Korean 


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