Thursday, March 28, 2019

V Shape Face RF Lift Treatment

YaY YaY, I've found a solution of achieving a sharper face and firmer skin without going under the needles! Sharing with you the results of the V Shape Face RF Lift face treatment done at Alegria Aesthetics 

Alegria Aesthetics is under the arms of Shens clinic where non invasion beauty treatments are done. Sounds familiar? And yes, Shens Clinic has always been one of my trusted clinic in Singapore where I did most of my invasion treatment with! And I am also using their skincare! 

Since the start of planning Mrs Singapore 2019 in end February, I haven’t really got the time to pamper my skin much. With all the events in the pipeline, I needed a quick fix to achieve a healthier skin and a sharper look to look good on pictures :)

The V-shape Face Lift Therapy

A high-performance contouring treatment which redefines lift and firms facial contours. It helps to firms and lift jawline, reduces double chin appearance and reduce fine and laugh lines

Here's my experience!

But first, like always, I am very particular about the treatment room and the bed! LOLs
Definitely a PASS at Alegria

The steps are rather short and simple but the results is amazing! The whole treatment takes only about 30-45 minutes, no downtime which means --- a perfect fix during lunchtime!

First up, cleansing of face and double cleanse is always best for a through clean-up

After the deep cleanse, time to clean up the dead skin! 
The Hydra Dermabrasion & Vortex Extraction 

With that, next up is the preparation for the RF (Radio Frequency)

A medical grade mesotherapy serum with botulin-like effect with snail venom is also applied to improve skin’s elasticity, firmness and to reduce the appearance of mimic wrinkles. The formula allows for rapid penetration to provide powerful lifting effects

During the treatment, a gel is applied over the target area so that the applicator can move smoothly over the skin. The temperature in the treated tissue is raised to 39 -43°C while the applicator is in continuous motion so that areas of skin with the most laxity can be specifically targeted.

Lastly, a face massage! Definitely a love

and P/S : The mark on my chin is a killer. A result of an attempt to squeeze a pimple hence don't try it at home, seek a professional!

Before wrapping up, pampered with the best products

Before & After
The glow is back! and obviously, my skin looks brighter, firmer and smaller! 

Happy Girl, Happy Life
V Shape Face RF Lift is now at SGD199 on your First Trial, Usual is at SGD$388

Sharing with you some of the skincare products I am using from Shens Clinic

- Hexa Serum that gives radiance to my skin and helps to reduce fine lines under my eyes 
- Moisturising Gentle Cleanser for all skin types
- Botanical Stemcell Essence

3 Killiney Road 
Winsland House 1
Tel : 6908 5548 / 9674 4085


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