Tuesday, February 23, 2016

EyeBag Procedure - Shens Clinic

Happy that I am now one step closer to my perfect look!

After the pageant, I have became very conscious on how I look when I am in public with make-up and also, bare face.
Lately, I have been "working" very hard on the 'must do" daily skin care routine.

Well I am very happy with the way I look but just like any other ladies, we are constantly buying products and numerous visit to clinics to make sure that we maintain or look even better. From young, I was never the girl who would do the routine of toner, mask, moisturizer etc hence at this age, I am regretting big time.

To have a good complexion, you really have to make an effort to eat well, sleep well and rest well. However for features, we are born with it so we got to live with it. BUT now, its easy as 1,2 3. If minor correction can be done to make you feel more confident, pretty and happy, WHY Not?

I used to think my nose is alright, just the right size but after the nose fillers, I am totally hooked. Nose fillers definitely can help you look so much better on pictures and in person;

The only concerns I have now is my eyebags. I have trouble putting on concealer and often looking tired even after a good rest the night before.

So I have decided to visit Dr Shens again for advice. Always happy to meet with Dr Shens at his clinic. He is always with smiles and making you so comfortable to talk to. Despite his busy schedule, he sat me down and shared with me detailed information on the procedure, recovery period, what to expect and also pictures of the past cases. And this is him;

The Surgery Day

I was very nervous the moment I stepped into the Orchard but lucky, hubby and bff, Veron took time off to show their support. With me was also, Xue Ting and IZ who is there to witness the change!

The moment I was at the clinic entrance, I was greeted by the cheerful receptionist at the clinic. Took about 30 minutes to prepare the paper work and have my before pictures taken. In a flash, I was lying at the theatre, waiting for Dr Shens. IZ was also with me to film the process. Ha, I guess he is equally nervous having to witness the whole procedure:)

Moments later, Dr Shens appeared. Knowing that I was nervous, he kept chatting with me, asking me many questions to divert my attention while he inject the aesthetics. During the procedure, there was even music played just to calm me down.

Photo credits by IZ

And before I knew it, it was done in less than 20 minutes! .Cool is it? The whole procedure was simple and quick.
Was so happy that it was done so fast and all my worries was gone. Goodbye eyebags!!

Will share about my journey to recovery soon!

You may get more information about the Scareless EyeBag Removal here


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