Friday, February 26, 2016

The Recovery

I am not someone who is able to take pain. I remember backing up a few times for ear piercing and it took me a few weeks to finally do it. Having a baby is the greatest thing in the universe but delivering the baby is always the hardest part. I am sure many agreed.

This time for this eye bag procedure, I think I should be given a bravery award, seriously. Well, its not that scary at all but the thought of a "surgery" freaks me out. Thank god, no removing of stiches is needed.

Anyway, knowing that I am in good hands of Dr Shens and most importantly, able to look prettier its all worthwhile!

And so, after the surgery, I went for lunch and headed home for rest as I am still having double vision.
The first few hours was normal, I didn't felt much and took a rest. However, woke up after about few hours and started vomiting. Gosh, this happens to me every time when the anaesthesia wore off. I had the same reaction during my C-section too. Guess this does not happen to every one, just individual reaction. Put on ice packs and felt much better during the night time.

The next day, woke up with some blood found on my pillow and quickly went to peek into the mirror. Looks quite ok and didn't felt any pain. Some swelling and discharge from the eyes but totally manageable

Here's my Day 1

Swelling quite a bit but all was well hence I head out to get my things done. Ha, hubs was afraid that people will think I was beaten up by him or something.

Day 2

The swelling went off quite a bit but started to feel some discomfort around the eyes around whenever I laugh or strain my eyes. As I needed to be back at work in 2 days time, I try to rest as much as I can. Had the ice packs periodically as it helps with the swelling and the cold will just help you feel better overall!

Day 3

Cool! The swell was almost gone. It looked more like dark circles rather than swell.

Here's the comparison. My eyebags are totally gone!!!

And so, headed back to work on Day 4! Feeling so excited to show my colleagues the results. Went to work with light concealer and make-up. If I did not share about this surgery, I guess nobody would even notice!

Here's my Day 7;

The recovery is not as bad as I thought it would be. Actually I was still able to move around and complete my daily routines. Just needed to be extra careful on the eye area.

Totally no regrets at all. If anyone has the same problem like me, go for it, you will not regret!


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  2. hi, may i know how is the result of the eyebag removal until now? And does it cause anything negative to our eyesight?

    And most importantly, may i know how much is the total cost for this eyebag removal procedure? Although each case maybe different