Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Tip Toez - Flaunt the Beauty in You

Does anyone feels the same as me? Feeling so naked without nail polish, ha

Being a full time housewife after work and on weekends, I am always washing this and that hence my nails has since become so weak that a nail polish needs to be applied to stop the nails from breaking. But of course, I will leave it naked once a while for some fresh air but definitely no longer than a week.

After all, we all need to look neat, clean and presentable at all times even at home with your hubs!

And so, I have to make sure that I have a reliable manicurist to take care of me, making sure no damage is done to my nails!

I am so fortunate to have friends who is in this business. I am not sharing this just because she is a good friend of mine but speaking from my heart, they provide excellent service, uses high quality products and most importantly, service with a heart!

Tip Toes Nails , located conveniently at No 2 Peck Sia Street, 5km away from Tanjong Pagar train station.
There's also a huge car park just opposite the shop.

Just like their name, they will take care of you from the tip to toes.

What sets them apart is that, they also provide Face treatment services, Lashes services and IPL services! In addition, they share the same roof with a Korean-style Hair Salon so you can literally have a haircut and nails at the same time. A one stop shop under one roof!

So many colours to choose from, Awww!

Love the feeling when all the dead skin and cuticle are removed. Going for nude colours today.

Love her, this is what I call, service!

Their off-peak promotion is back! S$24 only for weekday booking at 2pm, 3pm & 4pm!

Do visit them if are working or around that area!

Tip Toez
No 2 Peck Sia Street
Tel : (65) 6223 0283


  1. Hi Diana,

    I have been calling the shop for many times but no one pick up and had visited the shop just now and they were no longer there. I still have gelish manicure package with them. Do you know where they have moved to?



  2. Hi Miria, same here for me. May I know if you managed to contact them? 😞😞