Wednesday, October 12, 2016

A day at Mediacorp Variety

One of my pass time hobby since young at home is watching our local productions. Have always been a big fan of watching all the local serials and variety shows. After all, that's all we can do when we were young right? I have always thought that it sounded weird from friends who say they don't watch TV show. Hmmm, then what do they do at home?

Anyway, its very individual. For me, I love max! Although the story lines might not be as exciting or romantic as the Korea shows but at least its much closer to reality.

Had this chance together with a few other ERM queens, Avril, Sherrine and Christine to film for one of the episode for new variety show hosted by Quan YiFeng and Terry that will be aired in November 2016 at the soon-gone Caldecott Broadcasting Centre located at Andrew Road. With much excitement, finally got a chance to see how it is like being a part of a show.

In this program, there will be 3 artistes (Vivian Lai, May Phua and Eevlyn) who will bring their own outfits and change accordingly to the scenarios given to them. And for the 7 of us, we will give our experiences and opinions on their outfits. Sounds like an easy task isn't it? But the filming took almost 6 hours! From lightning to setup and position, all were planned in detailed.

Although I did my own makeup and hair, lucky to be offered touch up by the professional! In split seconds, had a gorgeous hairdo.

@ The Makeup Unit

Here are the 7 of us, while waiting for the actual filming to start

Finally at about 8, we were ready in our position and more wefies

Finally, it was wrap at almost 12 midnight! My whole body was aching from siting and keeping still in 1 position, so afraid of looking sloppy or fat on TV. But in actual fact, the myth is true. I definitely looked much fatter on screen.

My experience with the artiste
They all looked exactly the same on and off screen. Vivian is the usual happy and bubbly person we all know. May is mature as compared to what I thought and Eevlyn looks gorgeous! Yi Fong is great in hosting, filling up all the empty lines and her quirky character. Terry is the other host and only male artiste! Not sure who he is but judging from his appearance, he should be the next up and coming star. Standing tall at 1.85 from Taiwan.

Selfies is a must at all occasions! Ha

It was indeed an experience to be part of the production and looking forward to many other opportunities!


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