Monday, October 10, 2016

Modelling for Dolce 2 Dolce

Considering myself a petite size lady, ok lah, not in terms of size but height, I have always trouble finding a gown that would suits my frame and also, able to cover all my weakness. Hence sincere and genuine advices are really very important. A wrong choice might end up looking horribly wrong or the pictures you took might haunt you for life.
And it DID happens to me a few times when I don't listen to advice.

So I learnt to be humble and accept whatever advices and critics given to me

Chanced upon Dolce 2 Dolce last December while hunting for a gown for my photo shoot and prejudging for Mrs Singapore World 2016. Met Mei from Dolce 2 Dolce. We chatted for quite a while before starting to try on the gowns. And impressive, she knows actually what suits you best and what should be kept. Ha.

Here's the gown that she picked. Gorgeous isn't it?

And so, I have always been grateful meeting her. Whenever I would need to attend any functions, Mei will prepare the gowns even without me physically at the shop.

Happy to be invited to be their model for their new launch of their wedding gowns

For occasions from Wedding Dinners, Party Dresses, D&D or Prom Night, you can rent their gorgeous pieces at an affordable price. You can visit them at;

Dolce 2 Dolce Wedding

7500A Beach Road The Plaza
Park Royal Hotel
Singapore 199591

Tel : +65 6291 5658


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