Monday, October 31, 2016

Denicia's is 3

Little D is finally 3!

Can't believe time just passed so quickly. This lill girl has indeed made my life complete.

Having the chance this time round to witness and be with her almost every milestones makes me feel so blessed. From the day she was born, I am literally like her personal butler. She is definitely blessed with more love than her dear brother.

For Ryann, I felt that I was too young to understand and that my focus was to have more "fun" time with friends than fully taking care of him. Back then, my parents only had him to take care and so most of the time he is with them which I kind of regretted it but you can never turn time back, least is to learn from your mistakes. And so for Denicia, I will try my best to be there for her. After all, girls are damn cute. Every word and every action melts your heart, er maybe in same occasion not as cute. Ha, sometimes, she cant be quite naughty, being the most pampered one in the family. I am at fault for this too!

Nevertheless, it was great having 2 of them in my life, great to have 3 but doubt I will be able to handle.

For Denicia, we reckon that toys is all she needs at this age and so we had a simple celebration with the family and at school with her friends. Denicia had wanted a pony cake and so we brought 2! One for the family and the other for her school.

With her presents. One from her daddy, the other from Ryann and also mummy! But in actual fact, I was the one was bought all accordingly to my liking ha!

Glad that Bro and Esther make it to the celebration! Thanks for making time to come over

With Bro and SIL

With Ah Gong & Ah Ma


On her actual birthday, took few hours off to be at her school for a mini celebration with her classmates. They all looked so cute and lost. Finally met her fav classmate whom she calls her sister, Zhuchi. Heard they are the partners for holding hands while standing in line.

Also, Thank you Auntie Rachel for her Love

And Auntie Veron

So Blessed :)


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