Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Happy 35!

Woo, the big 35, another new chapter of my life. Can't believed I am in my mid 30s

Life has been good, so blessed to have people who love and care for me. Well, all these years, I am not always the lucky one but some how I did managed to pull through with the help from friends and also, keeping a positive mind.

This June has been really a busy month for me with new achievements unlocked. Cant pray for anything more.

Celebration is just a process, most importantly is the people whom you care, cares for you as well. And to remember someone's birthday is not easy, its takes an effort. For me, I will make it a point to jot in my diary or to put a reminder in my phone.

I am so grateful for all those friends who took time off to date me for dinner, sent me messages and one even sang for me as requested.
Awww, love all of them.

First up was of course with my dearest BFF for 18 years! All our birthdays are less than 30 days apart!

@ Manekineko KTV @ Scape

Next, a cosy dinner date with 2 other dearest; Sin Ee and Geraldine. A great date and catch-up with just 3 of us.
Dinner @ Harbour Front

The Rasa Family and the team! Always a joy to have so many of them around me. This place practically shared and witness my life story, my sorrows and my joy. Without them, life will never be the same.

With 2 other June babies, Mervin and Zul

My pressie from the Sales Team!

Out with the team to Buttercake n Cream @ Clementi. Out first venture out the radius of Sentosa.

The outdoor shoot, ha

The birthday cake was awesome and love the candle!

Last but not least, with my beloved family.
So touched by Daddy who initiated the celebration. Although it was a simple celebration, it enough to make me cry.

And guess what, an awfully chocolate cake all the way sent into Sentosa by Yuping! Heart that babe and thanks for making me FAT!

All the love received. Missing out the new plant on the board by Denise


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