Sunday, June 12, 2016

Mrs Asia International 2016 - The Sponsors

My heartfelt thanks to the sponsors who made this happen!


Felt so blessed to have all these beautiful and gorgeous gowns with me thru'out the journey

Thank you Mei, Carol and her team at D2D. My heartfelt thanks and appreciation for this beautiful piece of off-white gown!

Thank you the team at Beautiful Love Wedding for the patience and sponsoring this gorgeous fushia pink mermaid gown!

Kenny, Sia and Ada - Grateful for all your kind words and patience
Kudos to the team at Rent A Gown for the National Costume. We have fly the flags high with your designs

And my own creation, first time on a Kebaya @ the Culture Night

The Talent Show, performing Magic for the 1st time in my life
Loot from Taobao

The uniform for the 5 days


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