Monday, June 13, 2016

Mrs Asia International 2016 - Part I

This journey has been amazing, truly appreciate all the well wishes, congrats, love and blessings from all over.
Its has been the most awesome experience one could ever have

Too many thanks to list, too many heartfelt gratitude to give

The show was so great from Day 1 to the Finals, everything was so well organised by the Malaysia Team. The warm hospitality from all the ladies was great. To be able to meet the organisers, sponsors, 30 contestants from 8 countries and the Singapore ERM Team was really an honour.

Not forgetting my 3 other queens, Karine, Elizabeth and Sabrina. You have definitely made this journey unforgettable

Here are the beautiful memories that I will never forget!

Day 1 - Love from the ERM Singapore Team @ Singapore Changi Airport
Awesome Team - Angela, Uncle Jerome, Walter, Rafal
Thank you so so so much for being with us on the journey. I love you all to the MAX

Upon arriving, we were all welcome and greeted by Dato Timothy and his team. Was sent off very quickly to e-City Hotel where it will be our nest for the nest 6 days!

Our first photo shoot for the Program Book. Met Osa/Nico and their team. Grateful to have them with us. The team has really put in 100% of the effort and time to take care of all of us and making sure we look our best 24/7

Not only they make sure our hair is in place, they even showered us with lots of love

Taking pictures is not easy as 1,2,3 especially when there's so many of us, making sure all of us are fitted into the group pictures, some language barriers and also, under the hot sun. So dedicated to their job!

Thank you again,
Nico from Beauty Sense Makeup Studio
Osa from 512 Studio

My first meet with all the 30 gorgeous ladies, the numerous days of rehearsals will definitely be unforgettable

I must say all the ladies are so gorgeous and stunning. Felt so guilty after knowing them because I have not been a good girl taking care of myself. Ha!

The classic ladies were the most awesome. From talent to catwalks to posture, thumbs up. Hope I will be able to age gracefully too!

Love the 8 ladies from Malaysian! So friendly, approachable and warm. Oww, love then all to the max.
Fhelynn Ang, Ivy Lee, Grace, Melissa Seow, Pat Sung, Vilas, Claris Chook and Hilary Lok. Thank you for making this journey so memorable.

And of course, not forgetting the rest of the sweet ladies from Japan, Philippines, China, Hong Kong, Indian and Kim from Vietnam! Totally speechless with her looks, poise and kind warm.

Managed to have a solo pic with Datin Sharon, the woman behind the great show!

Sponsors Visit

I must say, all the sponsors are very generous! All of us and I am talking about 30 of us, was given a chance to try on their products and also, bring them home with us!

First on was GlowMax
Thank you Mr Eric Teo and his wife for the big heart and taking time to share with us his products!

All of us got a chance to try out their ageless treatment mask - The secret of Everlasting Youth
My face was glowing the whole day!

Also love the Glowmax Grace Cleanser and Miracle Essence!

Check out the generous number of products they sponsored to all of us!

There's also GlowMax Silk Face Lift, Glowmax Skin Bright Lotion, Glowmax Hydrate Repair and Glowmax Bust Enhancement Serum Aha!

Next on was DocLab, The No 1 Premium Face Ampoule made in Korea

Benefits of the ampoule;
- Skin moisture boost, Deep Hydration with Hyaluronic Acid
- Helps to restore skin suppleness and elasticity with Collagen

And again, we get to try out the product!

Each box comes with 5 bottles of ampoules!

On Day 3, we get to visit Ko Skin Skin Specialist Centre at their clinic!
Heard they are one of the best clinic in Malaysia with over 40 clinics

Another generous sponsor. We get to bring home their most popular eKO Cleanser and their Hydrogel Mask!
In addition, a RM200 voucher. You wont believe how heavy the goodie bag was. Super grateful!

And I was lucky to be chosen as of the lucky girls to try out their fillers on my cheeks!
Mrs Chie Shibata from Japan was the other lucky girl who tried our their skin tightening treatment

Love max

Next stop, lunch at Card Café! The food serve was awesome and the owners were so friendly and hospitable
They even specially put up a banner, backdrop and photo booth for us. Mandy, the boss even dressed up for our visit.

Cellkey - Key of Youth
Amazing product that literally lift up and tightens your face. Omg, V-shape face

Cellkey Premium Beauty Essence - Advance Adipose-derived stem cell protein extract

The benefits;
- Lifting, Anti-wrinkles, Hydrate, Anti-dark spot, Regenerate, Refine, Anti-blemish, Balance, Anti=age, Repair, Rejuvenate, Nourish

Sounds unreal? But it really works! You can spray it onto your face even with make-up!
So nice to prepare us for the big day at the grand finals!

Prof. Dr. CocoAlex Yeoh, one of the judges during our Pre-judging and also, the founder of Empro

One of the leading cosmetics brand in Malaysia. We get to bring home their No 1 selling triangular brow pencil, lipstick and eyeliner! So blessed

Fidella Tone

Awww, time to detox and cleanse! Whether you need to reduce your weight, take years off your looks, or fill you up with tons of energy, Fidella™ has the supplements to do the job better than anyone else. The best news is that all their products are made with 100% natural ingredients that will place a spring in your step and a smile on your face for the rest of your natural life.

Lets drink!

This year, the adopted charity was Kiwanis Down Syndrome Foundation, a home with about 100 over kids and care givers with a big heart. Its never easy to take care of a healthy kids, let alone kids with Down Syndrome. My hearts goes out to all the volunteers at the home. Thank you Datin Sharon for adopting them as the beneficially.

We spent about an hour at the home with the kids and understanding the day-to-day operation at the home.

Will share on our Cultural Night, Pre-Judging and also, happenings during our Grand Finals in Part 2!


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