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Mrs Asia International 2016 - Part II

Now that I am fully back on track or I should say back to reality, I am starting to miss the 5 days spent in KL last week. Although it was really a tough and tired week but all this beautiful memories is definitely going to stay forever in my heart.

One of the best gift I have received so far is the friendship! Touched to still receive messages from a few of the ladies even we are all back at home.

And so, part of the pageant was our Talent Show at the Cultural Night. Three ladies with the Best Talent will compete again at the Grand Finals for the Best Talent title.

Talent was never the thing for me. Used to think that Talent shouldn't bother me that much, its just a performance. But I was wrong, totally! Not only that you have to do your best to impress, you have to managed stage fright, interact with the audience and also, making sure you stay calm. And in today's life, everyone has a camera phone. Which means, this video clip can either haunt you for life or become a sweet memory ha.

I was fortunate to get advise and tips by Angela on what I should perform. And So, I have decide to perform a 'talent' that I have not done in my entire life. Anyway, its one of my favourite program which I would watch on TV and that's a Magic show! Was shared by Angela that one of our queens had performed before in one of the pageant. So luckily, I have Vale to help and guide me on the tricks and most importantly, lending the magic flying table to me! So blessed. Due to the hectic schedule, didn't managed to practise much. Tsk! Tsk!

On the night, we had Nico and his team to help us with the hair and makeup. Thank you for making me so pretty. Love the hairdo to the max. Totally blend into my talent costume as well as my Kebaya.

Here's the happening on the Talent / Cultural Night, 08 June 2016

With the Singapore Team;

The super gorgeous, Melissa from Malaysia. She literally blew me away.

And Pat Sung from Malaysia too. Another of my favourite. Impressed by her energy! She was one of the winner that night to complete in the finals.

Unlike the Pageant in Dec, this time, I felt I did really well and have tried my best. Although I did not manage to impress the judges but I was able to stand on stage, smile and finished the whole performance without any glitch!
After it ended, I felt so good and proud of myself. And so, it's finally over.

While waiting; selfie

After the talent show, we get to dress up in our cultural wear, showing the different culturals in your respective countries. And because I have always love the peranakan style, have bought this beautiful piece at S$90 from Geylang Serai.

Dinner was sumptuous. We were lucky to be able to grab some food in between after the Talent show.

Sub-awards was also given out on the same night. Elizabeth grabbed the Classic Mrs Asia International Charisma. So happy when Singapore was called. After all the awards, there was a durian feast! As most of us was too tired to even move our feet, first thing we did was to rush out to get change and head back to the Hotel.

Announcement of the Talent show was made and they definitely deserved it because all their performance left me speechless.

Pre-Judging Day, 09 June 2016

The process was exactly like what we went thru in Singapore so lucky for us, we knew exactly what to do. For pre-judging, all of us got to prepare ourselves from Tip to Toe. Our Team was lucky enough to be the 2nd batch hence we had a little more sleep than the rest. After all, yesterday was really a long night. Again, makeup and hair was done by Nico and his team. Oh god, they hardly get to rest more than 4 hours every day. Kuddos to their hardship in making sure all 30 of us look our best at all times.

As pre-judging is the most important segment which contributes 50% of our score, everyone was rather quiet and nervous. Walking up and down the corridor, mumbling to ourselves ha.

The session lasted about an hour and I was quite pleased with my performance. Basically just be yourself and stay calm.

Here's my cute cocktail dress by Dolce2Dolce;

After pre-judging, we went on to our rehearsals for the final night. This time, we get to step our foot in to the actual venue!
The choreograph was not difficult but putting it together as a team with our costumes and gowns can be a challenge.

Thinking back, all the rehearsals has brought back so many beautiful memories

At one of the rehearsals;

With the best choreographer, Rafal! Check out his sharp nose!

And June, one of the organiser of the pageant and also, Mrs Borneo Malaysia. Such a nice and gorgeous lady. Thank you for all the advise and chats!

Thankful to hubs who was there since Thursday to help me out as a nanny, taking pictures and serving drinks.

Grand Finals, 10 June 2016

And finally, the day has come. We started the morning with rehearsals, rehearsals and rehearsals. We have a total of 2 segments; the national costume and also, our evening wear. In addition, each of us is assigned a personal makeup and hair stylist. Which means, we do not have to keep waiting to get prepared! How nice and pampered.

I am lucky to work with Miya, who is a Taiwanese based in KL. She is such a darling! Miya not only takes care of my face and makeup, she was helping me throughout the night with my national costume and gown. As all my outfits requires additional hands, she is my saviour for the night!

The Elsa hairdo; Love max

With Karine, all our national costumes are either rented or customised made by Kenny and Sia from Rent-A-Gown.

Mine was on-rental and redesign by Kenny. Love the blings from the crystals! A meaningful design in shades of purple, green, gold and orchids at the front. This gown symbolises our multi-cultural country and also featuring our national flower - Orchids. Beautifully pieced together!

Due to the bad traffic and also a weekend in KL, the event started rather late. With that, we get to rest a little more before the real action starts.
Get to meet some of the past queens and also, our Singapore Queens who were there to support us.

At about 8.30pm, we were told to get ready. All excited, we all lined up ready for our first segment - National Costume!
After our opening dance, each of us did a quick introduction of ourselves.

This is me on stage during my intro

Right after, we all rushed to get into our evening wear and get prepared while the talented ladies get prepared or their Talent show.

Here's my second hairdo;

And the beautiful pink gown sponsored by Beautiful Love Wedding. Super love the colour and mermaid cut!

While waiting, welfie with the makeup team;

For evening gowns, Rafal paired us up in clusters accordingly to the colour of our gown. I was with Vilas and Claris from Malaysia. Since there's only 3 of us, we have to make 100% sure that we got the choreograph correctly. If not, Rafal might kill us after the show :)

The only pic of me during the evening gown catwalk. Credits to Hub.

And lastly, the announcements for sub-awards, Best Talent and the title winners. I've already forgot how long I was standing on stage smiling and trying my best to look chill. All I remember was, my feet was really hurting and the spotlights were flashing like for an hour.

Best Talent goes to Grace Chong from Mrs category and Pat Sung for the Classic. Both of them danced really really well. No doubts about the winning the Best Talent! Another of my favourite from the Malaysia team won the Best National Costume and that's Claris. Seriously, all the ladies from Malaysia team were so gorgeous, talented and most importantly, friendly and real! Love all of them.

And next, the moment all of us was waiting for. The report card to sum up our few months of preparation and hardship. First up was the classic group. Although I was standing still and smiling, I was shouting and rooting for Elizabeth! and YA! she is the Mrs Asia International Winner! So proud of her!

When it was the Mrs category, you could hear the sounds of all our hearts thumping and the tension on stage.

I was the 1st to be called on stage, receiving the Mrs Asia International 2nd Runner-up! Cant be grateful enough. Thank you!

At that moment, I felt so relieved and the only thing I wanted to do is to take off my heels!

The 1st runner up goes to the super tall and slender, Fhelynn. Gorgeous woman with a good sense of humour. Just like me, we both were having cramps on our feet and couldn't actually move a single inch.

The Top 9 winners from the Mrs category
** Missing out in the picture was Kim from Vietnam who won the main title!

All the love from Singapore! Thank you again Angela, Alex and the queens for being here with us!

And so, this ended my journey for Mrs Asia International 2016

Thankful for all the people who made this happen. Grateful for the chance, opportunity and another achievement unlocked.


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