Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Chinese New Year Day 1

Family portrait is an essential every CNY. You get to meet people whom you might not meet in years, having the chance to catch up, giving your concerns and hugs. I must say, I am one of the guilty ones who often forget to spend time with Ah ma and the rest of the aunties.

This year, I hope my family will have good health, prosperity and blessed with love

My CNY is usually quite routine, packed only on Day 1

One killer that you meet every new year - The food. Going house-to-house, eat and eat. In fact from Day 1 to Day 15.

The pageant shot @ home
Photo credits by Ryann

Dearest Bro and SIL,

Missed out my own family shot this year but still managed to take a pic with each of them

One of my closest cousin, blessed with 3 kids.
Life has been tough for her but I am so proud she made it thru

A shot with my new nephew who is the first baby born in 2016!

With the young batch

Last stop, a pic with the SIL before heading home to recharge

Recharged and off to Auntie's place for steamboat dinner again!
One of the loot from BKK

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