Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Lo Hei

This year marks on 12 years at Rasa Sentosa. Every year during CNY, I am always blessed to have the chance to do the tradition Lo Hei with many friends and clients throughout the 15 days of CNY. Does that means that my luck will be very good? Ha.

Not sure if many is aware. The tradition Lo Hei is practise only in Singapore and Malaysia. Gosh, I always thought that this Lo Hei thing is originated from HK or China. Was chatting with one of the Chinese national guests and they have not even heard about it!

The never fail group picture took with the team at Rasa. Love.

Next up was at Shangri-La Hotel, Singapore with a 4 course Western Dinner specially prepared by the Chefs. All the dishes was unique and taste so good!

The last Lo Hei was held at the new Hotel Jen, Tanglin. It was also a reunion with all the colleagues from the sister properties.

CNY is over and Hope this Monkey year will be smooth sailing and blessed with luck the whole year round!

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