Sunday, February 14, 2016

Happy Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day, also the last day of my 10 days holidays! Oh my god, Can't believe I am returning back to work tomorrow. The thought of waking up at 7 kills me. That's life, you need to work to achieve your goals and most importantly, provide for your kids.

This 10 days was really well spent with the kids, family and also, removing this irritating eye bags of mine for the past 34 years. Will share more on the journey soon.

Today is Valentine's Day. It used to be an important day for me. It is the day when I need to feel important and how loved I am. But when times goes by, I have realised that being and staying together as a family is more important than anything or, maybe this year it coincides with CNY. Spending the whole 10 days together was enough to make me feel so loved and happy.

I love my two precious and also, my dearest hubs who have been with me thru lots. A 11 years marriage is not as simple as many would think. It needs patient, understanding and communication.

Lill Denicia is growing up so fast, cant seems to keep tracks on all her milestones.
One genes both precious got from me, the love for cameras.

Finally she gets to wear the top we've got for her during our last bkk trip

A mother and daughter shot

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