Thursday, February 4, 2016


First trip for 2016. It was a all girls trip!

Geraldine even prepared us an itinerary just to make sure that we are in time to all the places we wanted to visit. The girls were there 1 day before me.

Happy that I get to fly on our very own; Singapore Airlines after so many years finally. Well I must say its all worth the money for being able to sit comfortably with a TV console all by yourself. Most importantly, food quality is excellent. The terminals that SQ lands is always so near to the immigrations. I remember being on budget airlines a couple of time and I have to walk miles before the immigrations. I am not pampered but just thought that holiday trips are supposed to be brainless, hassle-free and pampered right?

A must take selfie

Journey from the airport to the hotel was terrible. A one and a half hour journey with traffic jams, the usual for BKK. But all was well seeing the ladies at the Hotel upon my arrival!

This time, I did not stay in my very own fav - Shangri-La Hotel, Bangkok. Instead the girls booked the hot fav by the Singaporeans - Glow Pratunam located in the heart of Bangkok. Not too bad. Decent and convenient place.

Oh, Pinky followed the trip. Here's a pic of her :)

Weather for the 1st day was dry and hot so we decided to put on our hydration masks ha but the weather for the next few days was a nightmare!

We were hit by a sudden change of weather from 40 to 16 degrees after a heavy rain the next day. It was really unusual for Bangkok. Weather was really chilling with constant wind every other minute sending us hiding in the malls.BUT that doesn't stopped us from shopping.

Pictures taken with my new Nikon camera designed for selfies

Awesome trip. Many of my 1st on this trip.

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