Monday, February 1, 2016

Seafood Sensation

Awesome spread. Great service. Value for Money. Most importantly Yummy!
Needless to say, its Everyone's favourite - Seafood!

Fresh seafood. From crabs, lobsters, to mussels and clams..

#Seafu, nested in one of the streets in Geylang. You wouldn't believe that's such good food there

Seafu, is a homegrown seafood place and concept was simple. Put all your fav crabs, lobster, mussels together and serve. To my surprise, comparing to other seafood chains in the market they are much more affordable and equally tasty. Well, the location is more for a casual dinner dates rather than the posh ones which you have to at least put on your jeans.

Eye-Catching logo;

And here's the menu. Simple and easy to decide. No complication on the add-ons or sauces;

Food was served very quickly and they even gave us gloves!
The happy trio;

Definitely a place worth visiting. Good for gathering and family get-togethers

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512 Gelyang Road, Lorong 28

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