Sunday, April 3, 2016

Bodacious Date

Have heard so much about Bodacious and their food. Finally got my foot set there. Lucky enough to meet the boss there too! A very successful young entrepreneur. Also a man with a big heart, giving his all to charity.

Bodacious, nestled in a cosy corner in Biopolis Way. Nice location and have ample parking options. The new mediacorp is just a street away!

Had a date with hubs that day before heading over to watch The Noose, Kakis @ The Theatre by Mediacorp

Beautiful interior with many nice corners for pictures

As usual, hands on the phone while the wife is busy taking pictures

The Dinner;

Laksa Pasta!

And mine, Seabass with mashed potatoes!

Love the place. Will plan for another trip there soon.

Thank you again for the support during the pageant!


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