Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Birthday Celebrations

Had always love Birthday Celebrations. Lots of food, presents and surprises. It nice to make someone happy on their special day. And this March, I have 3, supposing 4 March babies in the team.

My first try @ Seoul Garden, HarbourFront after their revamped. More variety of food now, a cleaner environment and no more buffet! Mainly are individual portions which means you don't have to force or stuff yourself with all the food.

The Birthday girls

Personalised gifts by with their initials

Love personalised gifts! It makes one feels so special and important. Had always wanted to get one myself but I think I have quite a lot of pouches and name card holders already. They also have personalized handmade jewelry!

Here is what exactly we have prepared for them;

Nice, look forward to many more happy memories with them


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