Thursday, March 3, 2016

Klarity LaserTox V-Line Shape Up

Having a sharper and defined face shape is one of the wish list for every ladies, I am one of them too!
Always, I was told that I have already a sharp face and nice chin but I think it can be better, ha.

I have tried on many different face mask which apparently helps to achieve a slimmer jawline but nothing compared to the immediate results you will get from Klarity LaserTox V-Line Shape Up. This is speaking from my heart, trust me! Best is, no downtime.

Of course, I was introduced to this product by the founder, herself who is one of my pageant mate. It took me quite awhile to finally test out the product.

First, the packaging did really caught my attention. Geared in a silver metallic box. Along with 5 mask, it comes with a silicone belt which would provide lifting and compression at the chin and neck. In it, there's also a V-line Shape Up Cream for maintenance. A full set cost $69.00 which I felt is reasonable.

Here is what you will get;

It's really easy to use and the silicone belt provided is really comfortable. You need to mask it for about 30-45 minutes. I wore it and did my house chores at the same time. At first, I felt a burning sensation but it was ok after about 10 minutes

The results;

After 5 days of continuation use, my face is obviously sharper and firmer;

You can also get the product from SASA, BHG and via Sephora - Klarity

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