Saturday, March 19, 2016

Happy 11th Anniversary

Today, marked our 11th years of marriage, 4015 days in total excluding the courtship days

Wow, amazing and unbelievable.

Although this marriage hasn't been smooth sailing but glad we have made it through.

Marriage is never simple in fact its harder to understand than my N Levels exam! Ha. Its so difficult to understand one another and often, we assume.

Communication is the most important thing in my marriage. I learnt to share and speak up whatever you have doubt. Clarifying is always the best solution to doubts. Rather than keeping it in your heart, its better to talk things out.

You did a good job to keep this marriage too!

Thank you for accompanying me all these year. Having Ryann and Denicia is the greatest thing that can happen.

Happy Anniversary Hubs and lets grow old together

Love lots;

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