Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Double eyelids Non-Incision Surgery - Part I

Finally, another wish list checked! Having double eyelids round the clock now. Perfect!

Thrilled to undergo the Korean-style Double eyelids procedure at Centre for Cosmetic Rejuvenation and Surgery by my most trusted doctor, Dr Shens!

The process was pretty quick and straight forward actually. Was still quite worried the night before. Arrived at the clinic in the afternoon and attended by the happy crew of nurses. Blessed to have IZ, Hubs, Jacqueline and Florence with me.

Chatting while waiting

Soon it was my turn. Was brought into the room by the nurse for a quick discussion on how I want my lids to be done. She shared with me on the 2 types of common eyelids; either tapered or parallel. Here’s what it is supposed to be;

As my original lids were parallel, decided to go for the same look to look natural. After the decision has been made, the nurse used a surgical marking stick and dotted lines with a pen to show me how the final look will be and also, the markings are used for Dr Shens’s reference.

And so, here I go. Was ushered to the theatre to meet with Dr Shens. There he was, always with a smile. Again, he assured that all is well as I was very nervous!

The whole process took no more than 20 minutes. Before I knew it, it was all done. Ice packs was then put on my eyes to ease the swelling. Was out within 5 minutes.

Well, there was really no pain felt during the process but the only setback was the local anesthesia jabs, 2 in total for each eye. It was really uncomfortable but no pain no gain right? C'mon, I deserve a bravery award! ha

I was advise not to put on contact lens and eye makeup for at least the next 2 weeks and expected to swell the next few days. To reduce the swell, I’ve got additional medicine to help. Here’s my meal for the next few days;

Will share on my recovery and my final look in my next post!

And oh, meet Dr John Sung, latest addition to the Centre for Cosmetic Rejuvenation and Surgery family.

Dr Sung performs injectable fillers, laser treatments, botox and Thermi radiofrequency treatments. Sounds exciting, I’m sure he’ll do very well working alongside awesome Dr Shens!

All the best Dr Sung!

We-fie in between


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