Saturday, March 19, 2016

Vintage Studio - Hair Dye Day

Hair defines your looks, part of a daily essential to make sure it looks good, healthy and stays always in place. Throughout my years, I am most of the time with long hair. Hmm maybe its because it is easier to manage and I feel more confident with it. And so, maintaining it is never easy.

Vintage studios! So blessed and lucky to have my hair done by them!

First, I am always served by a team of hunks! and yes, most of them are still single. Not for me but single ladies will be thrilled to know. After all, nice to have a hairstylist bf. Imagine him helping you with your hair every time you are out on dates!

Secondly, all of them seems to have magic hands! My hair looks perfect under their hands! Most importantly is, I can still managed the same look even after a few days on my own. I am sure a lot knows what I mean. Sometimes, you look so gorgeous when leaving the salon. After wash, you have problem managing it!

Lastly, I cannot emphasis more on this - SERVICE! The whole crew is just too nice and is always smiling! This is why people keep coming back!!

Been contemplating for quite sometime whether to dye my hair brown again. After all, black hair is much easier to manage and looks healthier. With the recommendation of Jeremy, the director at Westgate, I have decided to go for it! WEE!

Always so blessed to have bff and hubs with me on all occasions. All the 3 of us had our haircut and hair colour done today!

Here's Jeremy

Done after 2 hours! He even thongs my hair to complete the look! Lurve the curls so much!


Throwback to my previous visit at the other outlet located at Bugis+. Another 2 other Hunks with magical hands!

Wedding Dinner @ One Degree Marina Club

The next day; Hair is so soft and manageable

Received so many reviews on their hair treatments and products! Will try at my next visit!


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